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Welcome to my personal website;  I am interested in coming to PennApps 2017 as a hacker and I would like you to know something about myself... 

  • I have participated in 3 hackathons so far, which have made me passionate about hacking. The most recent was Pennapps 2016(!!) and it was THE best hacking experience I have had. I got access to some cool new hardware and developed a virtual computation server for biomedical applications. The second was a 32-hour hackfest "Make-a-thon" wherein our team developed a portable water hardness detector, which enables one to determine , on the go, whether water is safe for consumption. This was built to address the widespread water-borne disease issue in India, as well as poor quality of ground water in rural areas. The third was a 48-hour "EduHackathon"  which called for solutions addressing the higher education problems in the country.  We responded with a website, that helps students make informed decisions about their career, and choose the education plan based on it. 

  • Apart from hacking in competitions, I also hacked a new firmware for a wireless USB dongle(CC1111) , which enabled it to act as a bi-directional transceiver as opposed to it's default receive-only functionality. This was used for setting up bi-directional wireless connection between a neurostimulator brain implant and a PC at University of Toronto,Canada. [Report] [Video]

  • I would love coming to PennApps to make use of my experience in prototyping projects on wide variety of hardware platforms , like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Altera FPGA and atmel microcontrollers, giving me a head start for hacking by getting into "What can be done?" instead of "How can it be done?".

Feel free to navigate around my website, to discover more about me and my work :).
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